~ A peek inside my studio to see what I am currently creating.~


The Muse returned
and inspired me to make these
sweet little journals..

I may put a few of the ones
that I didn't give away 
into my Etsy store.

Happy Blessings!!!


~Soiled Dove Fabric Collage*

With getting my classroom ready and the beginning on a 
new school year, I haven't had 
a whole lotta  time to spend
in my studio.

Before that I had been putting together a fabric collage
entitled "Soiled Dove"

based on the other pioneer-western women who fell upon hard times 
(in the male dominated culture when men left or died)  
Some women turned to another source of income
using the resources they had left.
And they had a story to tell too.

I am looking forward to the day when I can finish her
and make some more collages.


~ Favorite Colorado Creation ~ *

Favorite created collage 
The image is from KC's collection
and is nicknamed Josey

We learned how to hand tint our 
transfer images and this is my
first go at it.

The 1941 Arizona silver pin
use to be my fathers.
I have kept it for years
and now it seems to have found 
the most perfect place.

I have placed some dried flowers
like the ones I saw in Colorado
in the material pocket.

I have not named it yet ~
any suggestions?
I'm all ears..


5 Days w/ KC Willis ~**

Photos of my Class Book ~  My Theme was Cowgirls

Journal pages to write down all the wonderful notes I took

Back Cover

KC is an excellent and gifted teacher who not only
teaches you and shares her gifts
but also does an incredible joy of 
empowering women!

If you have the opportunity to take one of her classes
or hear her speak from her heart,
I encourage you to run with no hesitation
to do it!  I guarantee your heart
will be lifted and your creative soul fed!

I will share more of my class creations in the days and weeks to come.  But first I would like to share June's
winner for my pay it forward give away ~ Sheri! I will be getting your address and sending your gift to you!


Count your Happies ~*

How blessed I am to know 
so many fabulously talented
blog friends

And Yes!
I am talking about you, and You,
and of course
You and so many more of you!

This week a "happy" appeared in 
my own little mailbox

that made my
heart skip a beat or two...

I had admired this creation of Patty from
a far and here it was in my own hands!

Of course I had the most perfect place for her
"The Blue Door"

One of the first things you see when you walk 
into our front door

Isn't she a beautiful work of art and heart?
Thank you so much my dear friend.

And now I must be on my way ~
I am so excited to be
getting ready for KC's class
beginning this Friday!

Have a wonderful week my
dear Happies!

To find out more about "happies" ~ visit my classroom blog and read the side bar!


KC's Collage Class~Colorado here I come!

Soon I will be in Colorado taking a week long
Collage Class with KC Willis!

I decided to share some of the 
pictures I will use in the class
here for you to use as
you wish in your creations.

(just right click and then save as __ to your computer!)

I cannot wait to share my creations
from the class with you.


~** Coffee Staining Day!

First I rounded up the usual spectators

Then I used an old vintage wood spoon 
to add instant coffee to my pot
 of hot water to mix and dissolve.

Next, I added the items to be stained..

And then I let them simmer ...

Until they reached their desired shade of stain.

Finally, I after they sat in a semi-drained state
(to add some darker specks and places)

I will hang them up to dry.
I cannot wait to show you 
what I will be doing with these
pieces in my next studio post.  
Happy Staining and
happy creating my friends!