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First Winner of 2011!!!

Happy February My Friends!

Time to announce the winner 
of January's Drawing!

Each month in 2011 I will put all the names of those
who commented during that month in a drawing
and pull on friend out of the bunch.  They
will win a piece of art created by me
during that month.
If you comment more than once,
your name will be put in for 
each time you did.
It is a fun way
for me to 
give back
to those who
delight my soul each month!

This month's winner is

NO.  1

Congrats to Miss Patty from Magpie's Nest!

Patty, please choose which angel you would like
to have sent to you and contact me at my email
address (click on profile) with choice and address.

Now I'm getting ready for February!

~ * Blessings * ~


Joanna said...

Congratulations to lucky Patty!


Simply Impish said...

congrats Patty.


Congratulations on the luck of the draw, Patty! Woo Hoo!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh My!
I certainly AM a very lucky girl dear Katie.
Each of your creations is SO very lovely...
I honestly cannot pick...
I would Love it if you would surprise me with one of your precious angels.
Many thanks Dear One!

Linda said...

Patty won! Oh my goodness. She needs to buy a lottery ticket! Good for her.

Lynnae said...

I haven't seen this studio blog yet, just your other. You do great work. Thanks for visiting my "Little White Attic" blog.

Relyn said...

Lucky Patty. I know that for certain!

ramsam said...

Congrats to Patty! I so love the photos on your blog, I am new here, I linked over from my sisters blog, but this is such a lovely place!
I will be back! Feel free to stop by men anytime!

bad penny said...

How lovely. I'm so glad Patty won.

Can you pop back to my blog... I've just added about my lovely cousin who has stacks of family photo images to share x

Martina2801 said...

Congratulation dear Patty ! You really are a special lucky girl!

ooglebloops said...

Sweet gifts to Patty!! I am a follower now - drop by for my giveaway if you get a chance!

khess136 said...

So happy for you, Patty! You share so much and are so deserving of this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Patty is a dear friend and I'm so happy she won! I just saw her post today and you surely sent her a heartfelt gift!

Hope you are having a wonderful week Katie and please put my name into the hat for one of your precious angels, too!