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Three Muses Challenge This Week ~ Song

Still trying to teach myself Photoshop,
So while playing around yesterday with "it"
and always having my trusty kitty girl, Sophie,
with me, I decided on this song.
I may try another one tonight!

The background image and child's body is from the wonderful generous Gaby
The kitty is indeed a photo of my Sophie dear, and the face is the face
of my Ragamuffin Girlie.  I am learning some photoshop bit by bit.


Willy said...

Great pussy cat piece!

Taluula said...

Well now, the colours and composition in this beautiful little piece are wonderful. Standing Ovation from my corner.

indybev said...

From one Photoshop sufferer to another, this is delightful, Katie. I'll be humming that song this evening and smiling! Love the image!

peppapig said...


Ozstuff said...

They say that people look like their pets and I can see a marked resemblance between the shape of head and disdainful looks on the faces! I think after nearly 40 years Tom Jones is still singing this song.
I love your picture, especially the inspired digital trick of putting a little girl's head on a boy's body. The pose gives her attitude.
Beautiful artwork!

Terri Kahrs said...

This pair is absolutely adorable!!! Great work in Photoshop! I'm still feeling my way! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Judy said...

Fabulous take on the theme!

Sandy said...

Oh wow so lovely idea and gorgeous work. Unbelievable design. Love them.

Janny said...


Katsui Jewelry said...

Darn cute and very pleasing to my eye! I will be singing that song all night. I admire you for plugging away at Photoshop.My girl gave me Photoshop Easy for Mother's Day. Unfortunately it can only be downloaded on my husband's computer. Oh, well...guess I can avoid it for while...lol!

Saskia said...

Lovely digital piece!

Nigea said...

you know I love this one much ! I will add a link with the cat in the corner (except if you tell me NO NO NO !) hugs :)