~ A peek inside my studio to see what I am currently creating.~


My give away
Cherish Assemblage


4 X 4 Valentine Assemblage
for Vintage Valentine Swap

Blessings to all of you!


Marlene said...

Oh I just love all your creations! I have been looking thru both your blogs and there is just so many things I would like to attempt creating mike you do... your choice of colors and textures are amazing!do you sell your art??

Jackie said...

These are beautiful! I particularly like the Cherish Assembly. You have so much talent!

Rella said...

Could I be so very fortunate to have my name trickle on down to be THE ONE...oh, I hope so as your work is so stunning I am beside myself! What gorgeousness here. Thank you for coming to Faerieluna and leaving such a lovely note. Wishing you all the best and many treasures on OHOW.

xox Rella

Erica@ZunkyChic said...

Katie, I received this beautiful piece in the Cupid's Kiss swap. I love it and have it displayed on an old secretary in our living room. It's quite at home there and I plan to leave it out all year. Thanks for participating in the swap - I'm so happy to have received your creation!

cheekyradish said...

FABULOUS stuff!! I'm so glad I found you... or you found me. I am so enamored of altered stuff and really do want to try it, but for some reason I'm reluctant. Lord knows I've gathered enough stuff to alter one side of my house!! I'll be hanging around!!