~ A peek inside my studio to see what I am currently creating.~


Silver Bella ~ Here I Come!!!~*

*~I am about to embark
upon a journey
almost a "rite of passage"

I am just a little aphrehensive
because of all the pre-Bella fanfare
I feel like I am inline
to go on a wild amusement park ride.

Thank goodness
I have such good friends
smoothing the transitions

Anna and her wonderful
Bella Emergency Kit
and other cute
she sent to

Relyn's advice...
"you will never regret doing it
while you are there
but if you don't do it
you may regret that you may
 not have another chance."
(Relyn is my model for living out loud)

Sweet Linda and her friend Virginia
will be some smiling faces
to look for,
as will
many other
"met through blogs"

Pray for me to have courage
and a heart for adventure
as I am one who enjoys
hibernating in my
own little studio

**Love to you all~
I'll show and tell 
as soon as
I can!

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Rella said...

That tag you made is fabulous!! I really, really, really love your work new friend from OHOW!!

xox Rella